What is included in my rental?

All of our rentals include a high-quality bike that is adjusted to suit your height and to make sure you are comfortable. Locks, helmets, maps and a front carrying bag are included with all rentals.

Are you close to a bike path?

Yes! Our store is located next to Mary St. There is a bike path on Mary St. that leads you to the Parkway trail, which is separate from traffic.

What is the distance between Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls?

25 km on the bike path, called the Niagara River Garden Trail. It takes you from our Niagara-on-the-Lake main store all the way to the Falls. If you ride FAST you can get there in 1 hour. At a reasonable pace though with stops you can spend a whole day!

Can I do one of your tours if I have my own bike?

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own bike for a tour, just let us know and we will take $10 off the price of your tour.

How far do we ride on the tours?

All the distances are noted on our Tours page but our 5 hour tour averages 20 kms.

What if I don't ride a bike very often?

That's ok. We have people use our bikes who haven’t ridden in over 20 years. The beauty of Niagara-on-the-Lake is that it is FLAT! We will help you get comfortable on your bike when you arrive and you can test drive it around our store parking area. All of our tours are conducted at a leisurely pace that everyone can keep up with.

Which wineries will we visit on our tour?

We visit a variety of wineries. In all our tours we try to incorporate a large commercial winery, a mid size winery, and a small family operated vineyard. We cannot promise a specific one due to availability but we will try our best to accommodate all requests and if you have already been to a certain winery we will try not to go to that one so you can have a new experience.  Some of the most visited wineries enroute are: Reif Winery, Peller Estates, Lailey Vineyards, Frogpond Farm, Inniskillin, Marynissen, Pondview Estate Winery, Caroline Cellars, Rancourt Winery, Pillitteri Estates, Jackson Triggs.
And our three area microbreweries are Oast House Silversmith and The Exchange  

What should I wear on a tour?

We recommend comfortable shorts, yoga pant or spandex, a t-shirt or jersey and running shoes. Sandals with straps to keep them on your feet work too. A hat and sunscreen is also a good idea.  Flip-flops and mini skirts not recommended. 

What if it’s raining?

We ride rain or shine so if you think you might get wet then bring along a shell jacket or other rain gear. We sell rain ponchos at the store for just such an event! 

Can you deliver a bike to me at my hotel/B&B?

Yes! We do it all the time. Our delivery service runs daily within Niagara on the Lake. Just make a reservation under Delivery with Full Day Rental on our reservation page and we will bring your bike to you.

What kind of bike should I pick?

There is no wrong bike, just different “feels”. If you’re not sure what will work for you then we recommend coming to the store and trying a few out! If you are reserving online and are not sure what kind to indicate just make a note in the notes section that you’re not sure and we will help you figure it out when you arrive.


Yes! Our sister company Zoom Bikeshare offers many locations around the area. This automated APP driven rental is enabled by downloading our app, Zoom Bikeshare, and remotely unlocking bikes from the bike racks. BikeShare bikes can be returned to any Zoom approved location. Details can be found on the website zoombikeshare.com. These bikes are a one size fits all and cost $7 per hour per bike. 4 people can rent on one phone.  If you would like to select your bike and have our staff fit you accordingly we can deliver to you.
See you soon!

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